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Random Feeling

Benarkah seorang wanita jika sudah bekerja atau saat merasa bahagia karena sesuatu, wajahnya akan terlihat lebih charming dan aura dalam dirinya akan keluar??


I looked at my mirror, and what I see is, a girl not yet a woman...?? instead of being complain of how much pimple that I have or how much weight I am now, because it's dangerous for my brain and make my hearth won't work on chaste duty, "be grateful". LoL ?(*?*)]

So, just feel free from your solitude soul..and expand your hearth to a place called "Sincerity"..


Even though the shadow of my cousin face always come into my mind over and over again..heeuu.. did you ever feel so angry and pull a long face with someone that used to very close with you then she neglected you after she is come one's way, overlook with her busyness and chasing after you...


What a dam, is over tonight, I wont care of that feeling anymore, now I be better more focus on studying and preparing for the test again and again,, kan katanya mau belajar ikhlas untuk melakukan hal yang benar khan giks ƪ(>ε<)ʃ, so have a big smile lady, because your bright future is waiting for you \(♥▽♥)/..amin..