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This is what I am thinking about...umm..actually, do we find a man/a husband who can make us happy so we should not have thinking about money or job anymore, or should we find a man/a husband who really understand, care, and has a religious aspect, even though he is not a richest man in the world...??

humm, so confuse, but, you must know that, I do love my "boy" right know. I love him not from his appearance, but from what inside know what..his mature, his advice for me to choose, I mean when we have find some problem to solve, he always relate it with values and moral that connected with our religion, thats what I like..he really always gives me a surpriseee...and I love surprise:p
he is the one who can make me more easy and calm down when I start going crazy...and that's important...and I hope I can give him all the best that I can do, in the future of course..

but, don't u ever think that our life is just normally,,and just like is hard some time, maybe we are arguing, fighting, or even crying each other..but gladly we always come back and realize that it is just the matter of "understanding"...

now, he is going to achieve his carrier as a civil servant, and I really grateful for it, and all the things that we have been through together..there are no sad or a bad journey, but all is a learning, to be wiser, more mature, and humble,,hehehe...humm it's time for me to make up,,I mean to make up my heart, my behave, my future, always believe in God miracle..don't make him worried is time to make him feel relief..

yea, so, what's the meaning of succeed and happy then..happy because I have a rich husband, so I shouldn't have thinking about money anymore, ahahahaha, umm I think I am happy because---we always together in every obstacle in life, grateful on it, because both of we have a rich hearth:p

if talking about my family, how they see him, well, I know for the sake, my "boy" is born not from a wealthy or a loyal family like my every cousin have or dream :p, yea yea, maybe they laugh at me when they see me with him..ahahha, I know "my boy" still in the first line now, he must struggle and still build his life to the top..and for bring me into his life, he bring me slowly...but I can understand and accept it, so this is it, the point is, who ever you will choose to be your husband, slow or fast he can bring you to the top of life, is up to you to accept and handle it, as long as you still can manage and assure yourself that both of you can catch up to the maturity in physically, materiality, psychologically, and spirituality. So it's okay that you love him and accept him. It' just the matter of time. For me, even though my husband is a rich and a wealthy man, I will not feel safely if I just sit down and quite at home everyday, wearing my make up, gossiping with other "wealthy wife", heuu, nop, I don't want that, for me having a job or "thinking about "job" is not solely for collecting a million of money, but it is to find my identity as a human being, that useful and can help other people, and can make others succeed too.

Oyea, talking about the wedding party, as you know in our country, the more glamor you conduct the party the more people will respect do you think?? umm my calculation in wedding, humm I know, if we really want to have a big wedding party, so the budget that we should have is around 80 million rupiah or if we really want to have a splendid party, give our money 100 million rupiah, biggggg isn't? humm, Rosul said "adakanlah walimah, meskipun hanya seekor kambing..." tapi ga harus ampe 100jt juga kaleee...mening duitnya buat beli rumah and kendaraan aja..but its up to about me, I just wanna conduct my party with all family, not too big, but just simple and the important thing, one week after married I can sleep in my own sweet home...amien...

Okey, well, the last but not least, as you always said to me : I love you always honey, and I know we can, may Allah blessing us in every kind of life, amien..


2 Hearts full of love
2 Heaping Cups of Kindness
2 Armfuls of  Gentleness 
2 Cups of Friendship
2 Cups of Joy
2 Big Heart Full of  Forgiveness 
1 Lifetime of togetherness 
2 Mind Full of tenderness 

Stir daily with happiness, humor and patience
Serve with warmth and compassion, respect and loyalty