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My first experience on teaching...

So Many crazy things happen in this world recently..umm but I am just happy right now, because I can enjoy my life, I can more focus on my activity, and the important thing is I know what I want to do in live. You know what, the best present today is that I get a pack of "How are You" English material and syllabus for elementary school from genkienglish...yeeeaaaahh....hontoni arigato ne...^_^'s really useful for teaching in the future..amienn..

I knew that this was the first experienced for me in teaching or did something like micro teaching. It's kinda a little bit confused and nervous, because I never taught formally before. But, I just have a strong passion and I really want to do the best to give and to share something valuable for the children. I want them feeling happy, enjoy, and fun to learn with me. Yea, that's right, teaching is absolutely make your brain work every second and minute, and also make your body jump and spin all together in one time!! it's so enchanted, encouraged, and obviously exhilarated. Creativity is a must!^_^

Well, I have two class to taught that day,  First class is a seven grade that equal to a Junior High School grade one. There's only three student. Adhitya, Aya and Adli. They are an extraordinary kids. Although they have a disability in learning, but their will to learn, their hopes and dreams really inspired me. Before I start, like in every common, I was introduced my self in bahasa and English, because the school use the bilingual language system for the kids. Then, oya I forgot, a miscommunication was occurred between me and the principal. I thought that I am gonna be taught English but then it's bahasa, ahahahahaha. Whereas, I have made a lot of preparation for that. But it's okay, I can still made a few games with the student, and their was so fun. So I taught them about how to introduce yourself in English, and some simple conversation. Their also made a paragraph in Bahasa which contains a description about them self. After that, their read it in front of the class. My concentration is to Aya, she was sad. When she was read her writing, she was looked trembled and nervous, quite a little while and stammered. She didn't feeling comfortable that day. So, I just made her to sit down in her chair again and then gave an applause for her brave. Gooo Ayaa...^^

I really appreciate them, in their age if we compare it with others kids and with all the excess that they have, I think they really strong and have a good spirit. I believe they can more struggle. So, it's gonna be a challenge for me to learning together with a great child like them in the future, amien.

And the second class, maybe it's more lively and full of active child then before. It's a five grade. There are ten's of them. But, somehow I can't remember all their name, umm sorry, that's my bad, I know I can't remember many name's just in one time. Their was so fantastic, we did a lot of fun. We studied about economy activity, the differences of traditional and modern market, and also about the process of production, distribution and consumption. We made a games "How Much" that related to the topics and then sang together, in order the kids will practically learned about buying and selling process.  They looked happy and so did I. I got sweaty that day because the cheerful and the chaos...hehehehe...their was so funny..O my God.!! and cute..hihihih..Two of them is an American child. They have been studying for 3 years. Their parents living in Indonesia to work. And their English is so fluent. hohoho..of course they are..They looked so excited and I love it...thanks God...

Well, that's my first experience in teaching, I really really want to do that again, if I have a change God. I will so grateful, because is not only just to doing a job but it's also a challenge and an active "real" life that I can do with the right things to help people, fresh my mind, add insight, increase the skill and of course to worship to Allah. But, actually, all job, whatever it is, worth in every place and point. Whatever you do for your living, its always precious if you do it right..
So God bless and peace...I am also very grateful today because finally my passport is finish, yeaaaa..considering a very long administration I have..hehe..alhamdulillah...Thanks God to giving me so much fun lately..I hope I always can be a grateful person and spread the peace also a great education for self and humankind..amiien....

Allahumma a'inni 'ala zikrika wa syukrika wa husni ibadatika

Ya Allah, tolonglah aku agar selalu mengingat-Mu, bersyukur pada-Mu, dan beribadah dengan baik hanya untuk-Mu.” (HR.Abu Daud)