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You wanna know..

Dear Blog.....#Postaday2011

Could you be happier...could you be lost in the unclear scene...could you be strong when the lion scratch your fear..

Look how fragile this heart..
I don't want to blame anyone, but somehow, when you found that people who hurting you and trying to throw the rock to you is someone behind you.
It's become so much pain.
Well, so that's way I am asking myself "does people who concern to our happiness is exist...??". 
Because people that I know well, they just want to showing off, and playing "bad". 
This is not a judgement but it come from my fragile hearth.
You can blame me and try to pull me down, but I will not care.
This doesn't mean that I don't believe in a miracle of God, no. 
This is not about how God give me a kindness or fortune, I am not talking about that. 
But this is just a reflection, that among us, there are people who really very kind, he/she not forget their "place", always grateful and not trying to hurt his/her brother/sister feeling and motivating others. 
In the other side, people who never realized that what they wrote or said is really hurting, even he/she is our family, does really exist too.

See, I am no doubt with the gentle and the kindness of my own God, why..
Because precisely, Allah want to show me before I get a success, don't be like the person who just want to showing off in front of their sister or their brother. 
Even you are not intend to do that, but you never know that somehow, what you have showed or maybe what you wanna do, have/can causes a big damage to one person.
And I already notice it, so I don't wanna be fall into that ignorance. 
Silent that become your mainstay will never alleviate the root of the problems.
When it seem that the best key for the misunderstanding between us is just only "talk each others. Heart to heart.

One thing you should know, that this journey really give me a wisdom and a learning, others maybe don't have it.  
I really grateful even people think that I am not, but aaa you don't know me and you can't feel what I feel.
Now, I can see what the world that I living and what I living for. Don't wanna be fall into a "world" like you. Allah is enough for me. 

Semua ini mengajarkan satu hal..jangan menjadi orang yag selalu ingin di puji (riya), showing off, sengaja menunjukkan bahwa tak ada yang lebih baik dari dia, ingin selalu menjadi yang terbaik hingga membuat perasaan saudaranya yang lain menjadi "merasa tak berdaya dan tak memiliki apa-apa"...sampai kapan pun tidak akan pernah nyaman dekat dengan orang seperti itu..semoga ayat di bawah ini menjadi "pengingat" di antara kita berdua...

"Dan janganlah kamu seperti orang-orang yang keluar dari kampung halamannya dengan rasa angkuh dan ingin dipuji orang (riya) serta menghalang-halangi (orang) dari jalan Allah. Allah meliputi segala yang mereka kerjakan". (Al-Anfal: 47).