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This is only my doesn't have to be the same with you..All moeslim in this world certainly want to go to mecca to fulfill their Hajj or Umroh. How do you thing when you have an opportunity to go there? ummm absolutely you will feel very grateful, happy, and bless.
AllMuslimswhohadgonetoMeccatoperform theworship,would feel the same way. They will feel some of big positive energy, especially when they doing a Thawaf (revolved around the Ka'bah seven times).What I have learned when I went there is Allah with all His Greatness, teachsomethingto themanthrough the pilgrimageorUmroh. Well sometimes, peoplemakethe pilgrimageasthe culminationof worshipinhis life. That's why,sometimesmakes itfeelproud,perhapstoo arrogantbecause itcouldgoon pilgrimage.  But it's not the right way to do. Allah gives a simple lesson through this Pilgrimage and Umroh. When the pilgrims/umroh doing the Thawaf, there isabiglessonforhumans,thatonlyGodisworthyof worship, only God is worthy…