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This is only my doesn't have to be the same with you..All moeslim in this world certainly want to go to mecca to fulfill their Hajj or Umroh. How do you thing when you have an opportunity to go there? ummm absolutely you will feel very grateful, happy, and bless.
All Muslims who had gone to Mecca to perform the worship, would feel the same way. They will feel some of big positive energy, especially when they doing a Thawaf (revolved around the Ka'bah seven times).
What I have learned when I went there is Allah with all His Greatness, teach something to the man through the pilgrimage or Umroh. Well sometimes, people make the pilgrimage as the culmination of worship in his lifeThat's why, sometimes makes it feel proud, perhaps too arrogant because it could go on pilgrimage.  But it's not the right way to do. Allah gives a simple lesson through this Pilgrimage and Umroh. When the pilgrims/umroh doing the Thawaf, there is a big lesson for humans, that only God is worthy of worship, only God is worthy for man to depend on, no one in this world who doesn't need Allah. And because of that, Only God that worthy of arrogant to all His creations.
 When the pilgrims doing wukuf in arafah, it's mean that..when humans heart or faith is falls down, that is a sign for humans to be quiet and thoughtful, back to the right path. I feel it by myself. After doing an umroh and going back to home, I feel so full of spirit, but then in several time...I was so intimidated again with my fragile hearth. What we must to do if that happen in our life? well, learn from what I got in Mecca, first is remember that in any events that happen in our lives, there will always be God behind it all. Reflect back what has happened, learn, and take the silver lining. That's the function of  wukuf---go back to our pure heart--.
One big lesson for me, when I go there is....nothing is impossible for Allah...never ever hopeless to our pray...never give up to our hope...because Allah will always hear our prays. Tlhere is no reason for Allah to not to grant our prayers. If we think that Allah didn't heard our pray, is not like that. Allah just pending it, what Allah wants is just to see us to always ask Allah anything that we want. Allah will give it to us, if not in the world may be in the afterlife or Allah will give you something that more  better than what we ask. Subhanallah...Alllahu Akbar...

Dont give up on anything...even your beloved friends or sister is breaking you down...just pray and Allah will help you....