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Color Of Life...

What do you think when you see this color’s..? full of different colors, aren’t they?
I guarantee that although in one large family, what fill in our head is definitely different’s, and we’ll always see a wide range of colors in views, perceptions, opinions, preferences and also character…
what I learn that, God has created human beings with their uniqueness, personality, vision, etc, so, why we must be focus on the diversity of the human beings…because all the creatures that God created are definitely different from each other, even the twin brothers will never be the same, right?..
So, right know, I always encourage myself to accept the diversity and not too focus on it, but rather to seek the similarity and equality between each other…because I believe that there always be a similarities between the diversities, which strengthen the relationship (ukhuwah) among human beings in all of the world… :)

Wallahu Allam

With Luve